Freecycle baby steps - a "new" sewing machine

Monday, December 22nd, 2008

I took my first baby steps as a Freecyclist by responding to an offer of a sewing machine in a cabinet. Before I was ten, I learned to sew on an old Pfaff, in a cabinet, but my own machine is a portable. I've had it for years and have always regretted not having a cabinet. My biggest peeve with a portable is that the machine is raised up on the table, and you have to support the fabric by hand while simultaneously feeding it through the machine. In a cabinet, the working surface of the machine is level with the cabinet and the table extension, so the fabric is totally supported, and you can focus completely on feeding it through evenly.

I had been curious about some items I'd seen offered on Freecycle, but not enough to work up the courage to respond, until the listing for the cabinet appeared.  I jumped on it immediately, the owner quickly emailed that I was the first to respond so the machine was mine, and we emailed back and forth to arrange the pickup.

Paul and I followed a Google map to the owner's house, and we saw the machine in the driveway waiting for us to load it up and bring it home. I couldn't have been much easier.

I knew when I responded to the offer that there was little chance I would want to use the machine, but would probably replace it with my own machine. It's an old one, but it does everything I need it to do, and I'm familiar with it, and my main interest was in the cabinet. I was right. The one that I picked up is a bit newer than mine, quite solid and serviceable, but it needs a couple of parts and I prefer mine.

The mounting bolt alignment on the two machines is slightly different, so I will have to modify the cabinet somewhat, but I think it will be a fairly easy job. I'll put it on my project list for the new year.